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Muck Handling

With input costs ever increasing, muck and organic fertilisers are becoming more and more valuable.

Muck spreading is handled by two 14 tonne rear discharge Ktwo Muck Spreaders capable of handling up to 1000 tonnes per day. Both are fitted with slurry doors & Low ground pressure tyres to minimise compaction.

Accuracy is important for your manure management plans and to get the most out of your organic matter. All operators are aware of stringent MVZ regulations.

This service is typically charged per hour and often works out extremely cost effective.

Please contact us for more details.


A Loading service is also available by either wheeled handlers or tracked 360 machines.

Muck carting

Bulk transport of Manures & Composts is carried out by our Ktwo trailers. All fitted with Low Ground pressure tyres to minimise compaction & hydraulic real doors to keep loads contained.
Muck Handling
Muck Handling
Muck Handling